Our Services

At EcoSPARK Lighting Solutions Corp., every client is treated with the utmost respect since we all have one common goal – to do our part in helping the environment by lowering energy usage.

Step 1: Home inspection by an EcoSPARK technician to assess your current lighting arrangements.

Step 2: Identifying improved lighting options for your space, including an energy and cost-saving analysis at no cost.

Step 3: Delivering and installing energy efficient light bulbs that suit your needs.


You only pay for the cost of the light bulbs and the installation. The cost will vary from home to home depending on the type and number of light bulbs needed. HOWEVER, since we buy our materials in such large quantities, you can be assured that our prices are significantly cheaper than your neighborhood hardware store, save your gas and let us come to you!

We GUARANTEE you the best light bulb replacement solutions, high end products at a great price, a very knowledgeable and well trained staff and the superior service that makes EcoSPARK Lighting Solutions corp. a customer and environmentally friendly company.

If you are looking for a quotation to retrofit your underground parking garage, florescent fixtures, industrial lighting and/or common area lighting please contact us for a free lighting audit!

Our trained staff will be please to help you assess your lighting needs. Let us help save you money by offering you:

  • Certified Electricians
  • Very knowledgeable retrofit team
  • Highest quality ballasts and lamps
  • Government incentives
  • Complete cost analysis
  • Great warranty program

EcoSPARK Lighting Solutions Corp. is one of the fastest growing light bulb suppliers in Ontario. We offer same/next day delivery and can always be counted upon – We are at your service!

We offer FREE delivery to:

  • Condominium Corporations
  • Corporate Buildings
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Entertainment Complexes
  • Small Businesses
  • Residential Homes

We offer great incentives to repeat customers that you won't find anywhere else!

Please fill out our Contact Form or call our helpful staff at (416) 628-8450 for pricing and any other information.

As part of our retrofit proposals, we offer a free lighting audit and inspection FREE OF CHARGE. Just pick up the phone and call us to receive your free audit and proposal. We guarantee you the most competitively priced retrofit proposals that include your payback period, Government incentives and electricity reduction breakdown.

Please fill out our Contact Form or call our helpful staff at (416) 628-8450 for pricing and any other information.